Sunday, October 10, 2010

Miracle Bracelet-as seen in Jewelry Affair Fall 2010-stampington and Co.

These are what I call my miracle bracelets.
I make them to pass out to people as a little
reminder that miracles are everywhere. I love
displaying them on old wood, with a rustic
feeling, hanging them up like ornaments as
reminders, or showing them displayed on the
arm with as many as you can fit.
So you need a miracle, you need to be
uplifted. Well then it’s time you make up your
own miracle bracelet, and make up a bunch
to give to others that may need a miracle
too. I started making these for people who
needed a little miracle in their lives. I love to
make them and pass them on as well. Wear
one, wear a bunch. They are super reminders
that miracles are everywhere we just need
to remember them. Each bracelet is made
with a Milagros charm. Milagros charms are
often made of pot metal in South America
and in Mexico. They are tokens, or reminders
of miracles granted and miracles that are
waiting to manifest. So let’s get to work and
make your miracles a reality.
Tools & Materials
• Adhesive: (E-6000)
• Jump ring: 10 mm
• Leather thong: 1½ mm
• Milagros
• Pliers: plastic coated
• Scissors
• Tubing: sterling silver
Measure your wrist. Cut the thong to the
measurement leaving about ½ inch per
side to be put into the tubing. Put E-6000
at the ends of the cord. Stuff the ends into
the tubing. Clamp down the tubing with
the plastic-coated pliers to clamp down the
leather cord. Attach the Milagros to the
jump ring or wire wrap the Milagros onto the
leather cord using 1½ inch of sterling silver
20-gauge wire. Now put on the bracelet and
expect miracles to happen.
Marie French has a passion for the worn, the tattered,
and vintage Spanish Colonial and Southwestern design.
You can contact her at or visit
her Etsy sites at and inspiritu.etsy.
com, or view her blog,
Wants a Miracle
by Marie French 10


contemplation..Contemplation..CONTEMPLATION.  That is how I feel the voice within me at times. Yes I know I should, I know I want to, but sometimes I feel- who has the time. So I devised this little trick.  Find a picture a day that signifies a contemplative mood, a contemplative gesture, anything that will slow my over active mind down. Print it our or view it on screen for the day. Anytime I look at it I take a deep breath and spend 30 seconds to 1 minute being with the picture. Hey It helps me take a bit of contemplative time. Try it for your self.


Sundays are days of contemplation for me. What are they to you?  It is a time for just being, sitting, and taking a breath from doing, rushing and frantic thinking. Today make your day a day of contemplation for a few minutes, or hours. Just take the time to take a breath and enjoy the beauty around you. Be well.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Art Exchange!

Art ExchangePosted: September 27, 2010 by arttherapywithoutborders in art therapy, collaboration, projects
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Join ATWB's Postcard Art Exchange!
Art Therapy Without Borders in partnership with The Art Therapy Alliance and International Art Therapy Organization, launched a new, global art event for the art therapy community this week.  Join us for our first International Postcard Art Exchange!!! The goal of our collaborative art project is for art therapists and art therapy students living all over the world to create, share, and receive postcard art, as well as create community through learning more about the art therapy work and studies taking place in different regions and parts of the globe.
In just a couple of hours, ATWB has already received over 30 requests to participate from art therapists and art therapy students from New Zealand, Italy, Chile, Greece, the UK, Honduras, Hungary, and the United States.
To learn more about the details of this exchange and how to sign up, visit the ATWB website.  Deadline to sign up is October 15, 2010!