Monday, March 21, 2011

Fear and Worry

Fear and Worry

Today my little girl came to tears in front of me this morning afraid to go to school today.  She got embarrassed Friday at school and was afraid that they would pick on her today.  The first thing I did was wrap her with my arms and I concentrated on sending her thoughts of peace.
I tried to calm her fears by telling her that more than likely they would already have forgotten about it. Secondly to remember that those making fun will soon be the ones made fun of as it is a natural law that which you do comes back to you, and thirdly, your best defense is to walk away, and if they persist to go get the teacher.  I told her not to let fear intrude on her thoughts and to stand tall for she is a beautiful girl and she is always protected by her angels.  Those good thoughts that we keep inside will always be there for us no matter where we are or what state of mind we are in. I also gave her an envelope with 1 dollar in it and I told her to be a secret agent and deliver it to someone, anyone without them knowing it so that you are a secret agent of happiness. She got all excited about this and seemed to forget her fear….I look forward to seeing how her day went.
Then as I am about to write this what appears in my email but this email post from Napoleon I would like to share it with you, and my daughter when she gets home….
If you are worried or afraid of anything, there is something in your mental attitude that needs correction.
Worry and fear are negative emotions that serve no useful purpose. Worse, they are not benign influences on your behavior. Both tend to expand if left unchecked until they crowd out positive emotions and beliefs, taking over your mind and filling it with counterproductive emotions that cause you to doubt your ability to succeed at anything you attempt. Unless you control worry and fear, one day you will discover that they control you. While the emotions can’t always be corrected with logic or reason, they are always susceptible to action. Act, and even if your actions aren’t entirely appropriate for the situation, the very act of doing something ? anything — constructive will have a positive effect on your mind and attitude.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Some more pages from the sketchbook...and that was the Sketchbook Project in Austin now...then on to????

Here are some more pages from the sketchbooks as they go off to the Art Co-op.

Some of the pages from the sketchbook

Here is a quick view of some of the sketchbook pages before they get sent out....Hope you enjoy!

Piecing the sketchbook together.

When ever I am about to start a new collage project, I collect, collect, collect.  I am about ready to start collage work for the Sketchbook Project (see the link below). So I  am collecting images, roots, herbs, vellum, wax paper, old empherma, old vintage naturalists prints, an assortment of papers and treasures that will make up this little sketchbook.  It helps me to see possibilities, look at things in new ways, and how things look together. Some might say I am making a big pile of a mess, others can see the creativity inherent in a pile.  What do you see, and how do you begin a project?

The Sketchbook project....

Okay, I am gathering my supplies, distressing my sketchbook and getting the inpsirations in order.  Today I will share the distressing of the pages. Personally I like the look of distressed paper, the aged, the torn, a bit of history.  So with this in mind I decided it would be loads of fun to pretend I was working on an old book-alas distressed pages.  I tea stained the pages, used brown inks, crupled some edges, and then dunked the whole thing in a tea bath then dried it out.  Phew, I am glad I didn't ruin it. Here it is if you are interested...How do you distress paper? PS To find out more about The Sketch book Project go to the link at the bottom of the page and click on it and it will take you there......

Inspirations before beginning the Sketchbook Project

These "What inspires you?" posts are meant to get your creative brain clicking,and forming connections...Thats what they do for me anyway.  I am trying to come up with my theme for the scetchbook project..... so when I am trying to come up with a theme I search for inspiriations.  So these posts are a way of sort of showing you how I work..that is if you are interested.  I am always interested in what other artists look at , and where they find inspiration. What sparks your creative juices, what lights your fire...SO here are some vintage images that sparked my creative fire today as I go off into the studio to work on some collages for The Sketchbook Project..To learn more about the project scroll to the bottom of the page I have a link. Happy creating.....oh and by the way does anyone have any good books on artists creative inspriations they want to recommend?

Sketchbook Project-In Austin Texas

This is the process I went through to come up with the pages of my sketchbook for the sketchbook project.  Look them up online and join their next sketchbook project. The artists
So in these next few posts I will share with you the thoughts that went behind the sketchbook for the sketchbook project. I imagined the sketchbook was a little like Milagros prescription book in Inspiritu Jewelery; Earrings Necklaces and Bracelets for the mind body and soul book.  PS the book is now available to be shipped from, and Barnes and and in stores as we speak.
So back to the sketchbook...The sketchbook has healing recipes, pictures of the desert, and healing recipes from the desert, as well as some quotes,and inspirations...It will be traveling the US and landing in Brooklyn. Hope you enjoy the makings of Milagros Prescription book for Inspiritu Jewelry.

These are some inspirations form my journals that I may use in the sketchbook project fro Milagors Prescription book for Inspiritu Jewelry.

The odd thing about creativity it comes in fits and starts. It never seems to flow at all times. It may be because I have to wear so many hats-mom, student, employee, then I get to work on creative projects-in fits and starts.  Maybe I should call my life Fits and Starts...Have a great day.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

There is a Hero in all of us-Daily

There is a hero in all of us-Daily

There’s a hero in everybody. –Dark Guardian
Good News of the Day:
Crusaders costumed in tights, capes, cowls and other accoutrements are turning up with surprising regularity in American cities to fight what they consider their biggest enemy: public apathy. They call themselves Real Life Superheroes and, with names like Dark Guardian, Red Dragon, and Viper, they might be right at home on the pages of comic books. But unlike their ink-and-paper counterparts, they can’t fly, vanish into thin air or outrun a speeding locomotive. And they usually are armed with nothing more than good intentions. Maybe a camera and cell phone, too. They bring help to the homeless, raise money for charity, or just lend an ear so someone in trouble knows they care. [ more ]
Submitted by: Somik R.
Be The Change:
Be inspired to be inspiring. Do an act of kindness to a stranger today. (Cape and mask optional.)

Monday, March 14, 2011

lechugilla aches and pains remedy

Lechugilla is a tall spindly plant that grows in far west Texas. It reminds me a bit of really thin spaghetti with thorns...But if you are achy and full of pain lechugilla is for you.

cut off some of the new fresh stalks, peel off the thorns with a knife.   pour olive oil or jojoba oil in a jar and cut the stems into very small pieces and soak in the oil for a month in the hot sunshine. let the juices of the lechugilla meld with the oil.  strain and pour into fresh bottle to use whenever you are feeling full of aches and pains...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

spiritual landscapes

I love to look for the spirit in everything, and today when I was hiking I saw spiritual landscapes everywhere.  So join me on my hike today and find the spiritual landscaped within yourself...or join the pictures if you like.