Sunday, March 20, 2011

Inspirations before beginning the Sketchbook Project

These "What inspires you?" posts are meant to get your creative brain clicking,and forming connections...Thats what they do for me anyway.  I am trying to come up with my theme for the scetchbook project..... so when I am trying to come up with a theme I search for inspiriations.  So these posts are a way of sort of showing you how I work..that is if you are interested.  I am always interested in what other artists look at , and where they find inspiration. What sparks your creative juices, what lights your fire...SO here are some vintage images that sparked my creative fire today as I go off into the studio to work on some collages for The Sketchbook Project..To learn more about the project scroll to the bottom of the page I have a link. Happy creating.....oh and by the way does anyone have any good books on artists creative inspriations they want to recommend?

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