There is a hero in all of us-Daily

There’s a hero in everybody. –Dark Guardian
Good News of the Day:
Crusaders costumed in tights, capes, cowls and other accoutrements are turning up with surprising regularity in American cities to fight what they consider their biggest enemy: public apathy. They call themselves Real Life Superheroes and, with names like Dark Guardian, Red Dragon, and Viper, they might be right at home on the pages of comic books. But unlike their ink-and-paper counterparts, they can’t fly, vanish into thin air or outrun a speeding locomotive. And they usually are armed with nothing more than good intentions. Maybe a camera and cell phone, too. They bring help to the homeless, raise money for charity, or just lend an ear so someone in trouble knows they care. [ more ]
Submitted by: Somik R.
Be The Change:
Be inspired to be inspiring. Do an act of kindness to a stranger today. (Cape and mask optional.)