Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oh milagros milagros come into my life...

So how can we bring milagros into our life?  What I love to do is cut a pice of card stock into small postcards or ATC cards.  I keep a stack and when I need a miracle I draw it out.  Let us say for instance you need direction in your life.  Think about what symbols represent direction to you? Go to a dream dictionary and look up directional dream sysmbols. Do any resonate? Now draw, collage, or color the picture or symbol for direction on the card. Then you can hang it up, post it on, or put it under your pillow.  Look at it whenever you need a reminder, then hang it back up or put it back under your pillow. The amazing thing is....Is when they materialize...try it out for yourself. See some other postcards at

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