Friday, September 3, 2010

What are Milagros?

Milagros are small charms often made from pot metal to signify miracles, healings, luck, and love that have been recieved by the person praying for them. They are small x-votos or offereings made to the saints and God for miracles granted.  There are stomach milagros for stomach ailments, healings, heart milagros for healing the heart both physically and emotionally, hand milagros for creativity, and for physical ailments....there is a mialgros for everyhting.
There are also milagros craftsman and woman who make these small charms, from embossed metal to the small cast pot metal charms.  You can see how to make the embossed metal milagros in my book to be released March 2011, "Inspiritu; Jewelry for the Mind Body and Soul"in the section on Milagros.  But for now ....sketch out the wish dream or miracle that you are hoping for and I will discuss what to do with it in the next post.   For now...dream, sketch, or collage your dreams, wishes, healings wished for.....

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